some of our project work.


Logo Design: “CCX CYBER”

For our new customer “ccx cyber” from London (UK) we are doing some corporate design work, and also their homepage.Done with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign. Adobe AfterEffects What does ccx cyber do? Cyber Business Consulting, Cyber Security Assessments, Cyber Security Vendor Selection, Secure Business Enablement, , Strategic Advisory, Product Development R&D and advisory



ISM Cologne

Together with our Turkish customer of GOURMET BAKERY (made in GOURMET GARAGE) and their German branch, we were at the ISM fair in Cologne and presented delicious cookies, granola, breadsticks, grissini, shortbread, bruschetta. Previously, we redesigned the GOURMET BAKERY logo, developed advertising claims, as well as new product labels. For the EU-market launch in Q1/Q2 […]



Christmas animation video clip “Borkum”

A short Christmas greeting for our favourite customer on the beloved East-Frisian island of Borkum, the “relitto”. Done by us: << meaning, basically every aspect of it. Tools used: Adobe AfterEffects, Character Animator, Photoshop, Illustrator, Logic Pro



Logo Design: “3 little birds”

For our new customer “3 little birds” we designed a new playful logo, as well as the corporate design. “3 little birds” do “architectural interior design”.The birds have been drawn in Adobe Illustrator and converted to Adobe CharacterAnimator puppets.



new IconFont „iWalkTheLine“

We are currently developing a new icon font “iWalkTheLine_werbekontur”. The idea for this arose from a customer project and the realisation that certain icons simply have to be recreated if they are also to fully meet the projects needs. The first “iWalkTheLine” icons in the overview The icons were and are created with Adobe Illustrator […]