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WordPress: Free PlugIn Update

Wordpress Plugin: No admin premium Nags – FREE Update



WordPress PlugIn Update: “No All in one SEO Notifications – STOP nagging me”

After a few months, we wrote a small update of our anti-backend SPAM WP PlugIn: “No All in one SEO Notifications – STOP nagging me”. Unfortunately, the “All In One SEO” plug-in for WordPress has generated even MORE spam messages and fields with pointless advertising in its last versions. Therefore, we also had to “pull […]



Our new WP Plugin: “No admin premium NAGS”

After we have written dozens of plug-ins for WordPress for years and often always integrated extensions via the “theme-functions” – which actually do not belong there, but in a plug-in, this time we decided to simply make this extension available to everyone. Of course not without self-interest, because all we have to do is change […]